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Launched in 2009, FAGUO is a French fashion brand that creates collections of shoes, clothing and accessories. It brings design and modernity to our wardrobe’s basics. FAGUO follows a responsi- ble approach with the idea of “for each FAGUO product, a tree is planted in France”.

In FAGUO’s spirit, we believe that life is made of series of adventures. Each day is an opportunity to do wonderful discovery.

Beyond fashion, FAGUO is a state of mind. We are bound by strong val- ues such as sharing, curiosity and enthusiasm. FAGUO creates ward- robe’s timeless items in which everyone feels con dent and free. In FAGUO, we are ready to go through all the daily adventures.
These everyday adventurers can travel the world or go off for the week end or simply go to the of ce… and they look for easy-to-wear clothes that suit them in every moment of life. By playing with restyled basics, beautiful colours and elaborate textures, FAGUO brings measured modernity each season in the closet of this new generation.

FAGUO… Today it’s a team of 30 enthusiastic and dynamic people, with an average age of 27 years, always well dressed !