HR vision

The Eram Group, a family business, offers its employees a world of diverse brands and trades focused on strong values – passion, simplicity, daring, agility and innovation – where everyone can develop and flourish.


Isabelle Saviane – DHR Eram Group

Every day, we reinvent ourselves to rise to new challenges and build the group for the future: developing physical and digital retail solutions, internationalisation, supply chain organisations, growth of our partnerships…

We believe internal promotion is essential for career opportunities as is the recruitment of talented people from outside the group…essential to help develop skilled teams. If you would like to cultivate your difference and move the boundaries, join us!

We support our sales teams with short, highly professional training courses.

They develop key skills and graduate with certificates and diplomas in sales and business.

Our ambitious skills development policy (trainers, tutors, college partnerships, Shoe School) offers daring, creative and committed candidates a unique and adapted career path.

These individual or collective development paths aim to develop the skills of all our employees and accompany managerial and digital evolutions.

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Our conviction

Every employee is the key driver in his career. His manager and the HR team are his primary partners. The Eram Group has permanent apprenticeship conditions which facilitate skills development. They are not restricted to the traditional training process; they are far more diversified and ensure everyone can apply. > Find out more