Eram’s story begins

Albert-René Biotteau created his own business: “Etablissements Biotteau-Guéry”


The Eram brand is born

The name came from inverting the first two letters of the Biotteau-Guéry couple: “Er” for René and “Am” for Marie.


First few steps in retail

Albert-René Biotteau bought his first retail store in the Paris area. The company made the strategic choice to be a retailer.


Innovation & growth

Eram invented a revolutionary process called “Plastifor” for manufacturing plastic soles. A dozen factories where set up to cater for the success of the new products.


Flourishing factories

Eram continued to establish factories and, in parallel, production and retail activities.


The development of retail

In 1958, export became the 3rd strategic development direction.


Gérard Biotteau: a captain of industry

Gérard Biotteau, son of Albert-René Biotteau-Guéry, joined the company in 1940, taking over from his father. Over the years, Eram became the leading French shoe manufacturer.


The advertising story

Eram massively invested in advertising, affirming the brand on a national scale and creating Eram’s characteristic style which became part of the French advertising landscape. >> watch the adverts


The brand diversification strategy

The group launched an aggressive retailing strategy. This involved strengthening existing stores and also developing and purchasing other retailers.


Eram Group develops out-of-town discount stores with a new brand

1991 witnessed the birth of GEMO (letters from the first names of husband and wife Gérard and Simone Biotteau) which was an immediate success.


The 3rd generation

In 1998, Xavier Biotteau, Gérard Biotteau’s youngest son, became the Chairman of the Board of Eram SA, the group’s holding company. His oldest brother Luc became Vice President.


New retail project focused on online stores

From 2009, the internet opened up wonderful development opportunities for all the group’s activities: eram.fr, gemo.fr…


A European leader in affordable fashion

The Eram Group structured itself around 10 affordable fashion brands operating on distinctly different markets.


Perpetuating French expertise

Creation of a Shoe School in France involving two of the group’s factories.


Shoe innovation

ERAM and UNISTUDIO shared their expertise to make the dreams of many women come true: the possibility of having tailor-made heels. This customisation is made possible by 3D printing!


90 years only

In 2017, the Eram Group is celebrating its 90th birthday



The future of the Group’s story will be written by all its employees, today and tomorrow