Community Mission

Our humanist values represent a personality trait which guides our everyday actions. To make a bigger difference for causes close to our heart, the Community Mission coordinates the individual initiatives of each of the brands and our offices in Asia.

Our 4 community commitments

1 – Supporting children and education

  • In 2015 with UNICEF we created 200 out-of-school centres for 12,000 children aged 4 to 6 in the town of Dhaka in Bangladesh.
  • With the “Toutes à l’école” association, we are sponsoring a class of young girls in Cambodia, near Phnom Penh. An in-house bring-and-buy sale organised by Gémo helped collect funds for the association.

  • At our Chinese office, Eram Team World is supporting poor schools to improve the learning conditions for pupils. It also supports a children’s home for disabled and abandoned children.

2 – Support for associations fighting serious illnesses

  • Our brands provide their support
  • Texto supports “Au nom d’Andréa” which fights paediatric cancer
  • Eram supports … which fights motor neurone disease.

3 – Product donations

Unsold products are given to associations for distribution to the poor or to be sold to finance community actions.

For the 3rd consecutive year we took part in the community bring-and-buy sale for the Apprentis d’Auteuil association held on Mother’s Day for the Mamans en Fête event, celebrating the 150th birthday of the association. 12,000 articles were donated and 46,000 euros raised.

In 2016, Gémo donated 65,000 items of shoes and clothing to the Don en Nature agency which then sent them to 750 partner associations.


Located near our Eram India office in Chennai, the Shanthi Niwa centre is home to elderly people who have no family and no income. Several times a year, the local team donates food directly to the centre.

4 – Skills sponsorship

Launched in 2015, we have continued our skills sponsorship experience to integrate young people who have dropped out of school, in partnership with the Apprentis d’Auteuil association. The initial feedback has been encouraging both for the young employees and their sponsors.

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