Mission handicap

Mission Handicap has three main goals:

> Retaining staff with disabilities
> Accessibility to our stores for our customers with disabilities
> Enhance cooperation with the disability sector

Retaining staff with disabilities

SEEPH week

Through communication and awareness-raising actions, we have created a workplace where employees can feel free to discuss their disability, ask for assistance and facilitate the steps to gain recognition. In cooperation with the Group’s risk prevention and safety department, we work to identify suitable accommodations so that employees can continue working in good conditions.

Every year for Disability Employment Week (SEPH), Mission Handicap organises a day dedicated to raising awareness of new employees about this subject.

Every employer with at least 20 staff must have 6% disabled staff. Group data for the businesses concerned:
> In 2014: 6.4%
> In 2015: 8%
> In 2016: 5.1%

Collaboration with the Hangagés association continues: The ERAM Group is a member of the Hangagés association, federating the disability projects of a certain number of French groups. It is an exchange project for good development practices in corporate disability policies and the construction of shared projects to help integrate people with disabilities in businesses and society.

Our store access


Access ramp to a TBS store


A plan to invest 6 million euros by 2023 has been undertaken to bring all of the Group’s stores into compliance. In compliance with regulations, all disability types have been taken into account. In 2016, the plan involved 29 Gémo stores (8%) and 76 town-centre stores (14%).
We are working with jaccede.com, a collaborative platform where everyone can report on disabled access to places open to the public.
In 2016, the ERAM Group took part in the “Nuit de l’accessibilité”.
The evening raised awareness about universal access to places through a festive and community-based event.

Cooperation with the disability sector

Developing cooperation with the disability sector. All of the general purchasing team went on a training course to better understand the possibilities of cooperating with the disability sector. 2016 purchase volumes vs 2015 vs 2014

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