Our commitment

Chairman of the board


Our company is firstly a family adventure, local roots and a strong belief in the men and women who have been sharing our passion for 90 years. To pass on and perpetuate our company for many years to come, we have integrated two major new projects into our activities: the digital revolution and sustainable development.

Since 2013, we have been committed to a structured CSR project and every day we are moving forward to include the challenges of sustainable and responsible fashion in our businesses. We are proud of how far we have already come but we know that there is still a lot to do. I would like to thank all of the group’s employees for their commitment, our suppliers for their support and our customers for their trust. Together, we must make these major changes a success as they will ensure our performance and our longevity.


Our governance

100% family shareholders: ensures long-term commitments.

The CSR Committee is the governing body that determines the major priorities of our CSR strategy. It is comprised of representatives from each brand and is represented within the Group’s Board of Directors by Isabelle Saviane, Group CSR Director and HR Director.

Moving forward, but no alone: Working with the right people is key to achieving our CSR goals. Several partners are supporting our efforts: the CSR Chair of Audencia, the Ethics Chair of UCO and the Génération Responsable Club, with whom we share several retail-related concerns.

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