Our talented people

Care for the men and women who make the company work is a value that has been passed down the generations and today remains very present. Mutual respect and commitment are the basis for the trust between the company and its teams.

Our era is deeply changing how we work and employee expectations, especially in terms of our younger staff who are looking for meaning and pleasure. Building the group for tomorrow means developing a work environment conducive to cultivating creativity, daring and personal fulfilment. Giving people the chance to create and feel free to express their initiatives is the key to working well together.


> Iday: a giant box of ideas

In March 2016, the Group launched a brand new operation to collect suggestions from its 11,000 employees in France and overseas on major strategic directions. One dedicated day, Iday, when everyone could post their ideas and like those of their colleagues. In total, 18,000 suggestions were received. What happens next? Projects are under way and communities will bring these ideas to life.

Growing together

Our role as a responsible company is to preserve our employees’ employability and continually develop their skills to meet the strategic challenges of our companies and changes in the business.

Our skills development policy is based on three pillars:

Learn by doing: working is in and of itself a training tool. Experiences develop skills and we encourage mentoring.

> Learn as a community: Social learning takes place by cultivating communities of internal experts or during other informal events (learn & lunch, themed conferences, co-development workshops, genius bar, etc.).

> Learn by training: Finally, traditional training, for which we favour short, entertaining, digital and operational-oriented programmes.


We give priority to three types of training programme:

> Management programmes to ensure consistency in management practices that are aligned
with the Group’s values
> Certifying programmes that allow employees to receive recognition for their professional experiences
> Programmes on digital culture to accelerate the Group’s digital migration


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