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Share humanistic values with all our employees and create the conditions for their professional and personal development and fulfilment

  • Joining the Eram Group means becoming part of a committed & and responsible group with clear goals and an entrepreneurial spirit at all levels of the organisation. 
  • The aim that we strive to achieve each and every day: enabling each person to express their individuality by encouraging open-mindedness, simplicity and responsibility, our Company’s core values.  
  • We strongly believe that everything is possible with teams that are inspired, organised, supported and guided by a performance requirement that creates a place for everyone based on their skills and level of autonomy.  



Through our global corporate “Change for Good” project, we are committed to an ambitious transformation process for the increasingly sustainable and environmentally-responsible development of our activities. This meaningful project unites all of our employees. It is by taking action, by permanently reinventing ourselves, by questioning ourselves and by innovating that we will make this project a reality :Becoming a benchmark company recognised for our responsible performance”.


We encourage creative and innovative initiatives, while making it clear that everyone has the right to make mistakes. Curiosity and the sharing of good practices are stimulated, to enable everyone to grow within the “Company” and create the conditions for shared success.

Taking a step up, while keeping our feet on the ground, is also what the Sixième Ciel, our collaborative workspace located in the creative district on the île de Nantes, enables us to achieve. A hybrid place, that blends innovation, open-mindedness and the acceleration of projects. ​


Simplicity is in the DNA of the Eram Group. It is embodied first and foremost by the Biotteau family, which runs the company. This value is applied in all the Group’s entities, through the simplicity of our relationships, respect for others whatever their position in the company, the pragmatism of our decisions and our availability to others. In successes and difficulties alike, we encourage open and transparent communication.


Our Group has a wide range of professions that are as diverse as they are complementary: from in-store sales advisors to e-commerce coordinators, including supply chain project managers, stitching workers and sustainable development engineers. With or without a degree, from vocational qualification to doctorate, we value all types of profiles and backgrounds to enable us to rise to our challenges together. The 9 brands that make up the Group will provide you with multiple gateways, at the heart of an ambitious and meaningful global project. Our uniqueness is also based on the deliberate choice to maintain our historic expertise as a shoe manufacturer in France (Maine et Loire) which designs, develops and manufactures over 540,000 pairs of shoes per year.


A wide range of professions within a family-owned group, fully in sync with the times

Our sector of activity is experiencing a profound change in consumption patterns, marked by the rise of digital commerce, second-hand goods and the demand for more transparent and responsible consumption. Our challenge is to transform ourselves fundamentally to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders.  

By drawing on our fundamental values, our culture, our history and our know-how, we reinvent ourselves every day to meet new challenges and create the Group of tomorrow.  

Come and join us to experience a human & professional adventure with meaning , where you can feel fulfilled and cultivate your difference.  


Do you want to experience a meaningful human and professional adventure by helping change how we buy?