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9 sustainable fashion brands

The ERAM Group consists of 9 affordable fashion brands in the clothing, footwear and accessories sectors. From design to distribution and including production, they mobilise all their energies, intelligence and know-how to create a world that is more respectful of people and their environment.



Eram, the leading destination for footwear and accessories in city centres and shopping centres

Eram offers the season’s top essentials to all families, beautiful quality shoes at the right price. All this with all the good humour, bold style and dash of mischief that have always characterised the brand!

Eram is also committed to more responsible fashion by rethinking its products and their transport to reduce its environmental impact. A long-term approach with strong commitments: by 2025, over 30% will be eco-designed.

To achieve these objectives, Eram has introduced a new strategy focussing on:

  • The choice of raw materials: certified organic, natural or recycled and leathers from LWG-certified tanneries, which are more respectful of people and the environment.
  • Reduction of transport distances and European and French production. Nearly 50% of the Eram collection is manufactured in Europe, with the aim of achieving 0 air transport whatever the distance involved!

And that’s not all! Eram is committed to a return to local know-how illustrated by the success of the Eram Flex line, launched in 2019 and manufactured in Montjean-sur-Loire, Maine-et-Loire. A timeless line that is 100% leather and 100% comfortable thanks to its exclusive sole technology that offers breathability and flexibility.

50% of the Eram collection is manufactured in Europe!



Whilst fashion is not meant to last, it must at least be sustainable!

A joyful and responsible fashion brand, Bocage designs collections at the forefront of current trends, without compromising on comfort and well-being. The stylish and committed man will also find updated essentials that meet all his needs..

A French shoemaker since 1966, Bocage is one of the few brands to have kept a shoe manufacturing plant in France, in the Maine-et-Loire.

The brand combines desirability with sustainable fashion by manufacturing 60% of its collections in Europe.



Mellow Yellow designs unique and offbeat shoes

Mellow Yellow was founded in 2003 by Bruno Van Gaver and was an immediate success. He brought a new breath of fresh air to the world of shoes by creating high quality unique and offbeat shoes.

In less than ten years, the brand became a key player in the fashion world and has grown exponentially since the first shop opened in 2004. In 2012, the brand joined the Eram group and relied on its expertise and know-how to develop its network. Today, the Mellow Yellow network includes 25 shops throughout France. Season after season, the brand offers models at the cutting edge of fashion, sparkling and trendy. Each piece is first conceived and designed by the stylists in the Mellow Yellow Parisian studios before being produced in their workshops in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Morocco. A guarantee of quality and respect for the environment and workers, more than half of the collections are made in Europe.

“The commitment to sustainable and more responsible production is particularly important to us.”
— Léa, Product Manager

800 pairs of shoes manufactured in France in 2021



Tbs, free to be oneself

Born of sport, Tbs, the French footwear and textile brand since 1978, is entering a new era. Tbs is reaffirming its identity by refocusing on its sporting heritage. The 20-point brand is capitalising on its technical imagination with strong innovations and its “Change For Good” commitment to sustainable and responsible fashion.

Tbs also emphasises its French identity. All its collections are designed in France. On the strength of its know-how and expertise, Tbs continues to manufacture some of its iconic lines of walking shoes in its Jarzé (Maine-et-Loire) production unit.

At the Saint-Pierre-Montlimart headquarters, where its textile workshop is located, Tbs designs meaningful clothing, exclusive eco-designed lines and iconic designs to market exceptional products.

Capitalising on more than 40 years of history, but resolutely turned towards the future, Tbs is regaining its image and credibility with a clientèle in search of an urban style inspired by sport and the great outdoors.

18% of our shoes and 52% of our clothes are eco-designed

“We are committed to reducing our societal and environmental impact. We are adapting our ecosystem and constantly evolving the way we design, manufacture and market our products.”
— Franck Cardin, Shoe collection manager



Montlimart, ethical and sustainable values

Created in 2017 by Charlotte and Juliette Biotteau, great-granddaughters of the founder of the Eram Group, Montlimart is a young French brand that offers a beautiful selection of clothing for men with a positive and committed philosophy: “You can be both funny and responsible, as well as optimistic and concerned”.

70% of production takes place in France

The brand is committed to three promises…

  • Production less than 2,000 km away with 70% Made in France.
  • Responsible materials: recycled, organic cotton and linen.
  • For each order places, 100 bees are sponsored at a beekeeper’s in the Nantes region to encourage the restoration of bee populations.


Repairable, recyclable, manufactured in France

Created at the end of 2019, Sessile, the brand of eco-designed sneakers that are made in France, repairable and recyclable, is the result of a successful entrepreneurial project. Sessile sneakers are entirely made in the La Manufacture workshop in Montjean-sur-Loire, Maine-et-Loire..

Sessile has sustainable specifications based on five pillars – raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, use and end of life – designed to extend the life of the designs, which can be repaired in an industrial manner.

What about the carbon footprint? Sessile has a carbon footprint of 2.2 kg of CO2 eq. after repair and 1.7 kg of CO2 eq. after recycling, compared to an average of 13 kg of CO2 eq. for a trainer made in Asia.

“It is a new vision of the responsibility of a brand, beyond the creation of a fashion item, since we consider its end of life right from the beginning of the creative process.”
— Jean-Olivier Michaux, Eram Group Industrial Director

Sessile has been awarded the Origine France Garantie label.



Gémo. Ready for life.

For 30 years, Gémo has been working alongside families to offer accessible and sustainable fashion. For 30 years, Gémo has constantly reinvented itself to meet the new expectations of consumers and the sector, thanks to its know-how, its agility and its roots in a French group with a stable family shareholding. 

With the Ready for life range, Gémo has reaffirmed its raison d’être: to provide families with practical solutions that make everyday life easier and allow everyone to make the most of every moment.

More than ever, Gémo is involved in the daily life of families by offering solutions with simple and accessible offers, experiences and services to make life easier.

6Thth retailer in the personal goods market
440 stores in France and internationally
Gémo dresses 1 French person in 5



Dresco, shoe creator for the whole family since 1971

Since 1971, Dressing Company, or Dresco, has established itself as the preferred partner for brands in the shoe world. Its bold style and agility have enabled it to constantly renew itself and to always manage to offer the right product at the best price.

A family business on a human scale, Dresco’s strength lies in the business expertise of its 63 employees. They are passionate about reinterpreting trends and placing the customer at the centre of their thinking in order to develop “turnkey” solutions adapted to their needs. From creation to distribution, Dresco is involved in revealing the commercial successes of tomorrow.

  • 4 brands: Les Tropéziennes par M. Belarbi, Kaporal, Roadsign, Terre de Marins​
  • 1,800 partners points of sale France​
  • 1.5 million pairs delivered each year


Parade Protection, keeping you safe since 1978

A proudly French brand, Parade is the result of over 40 years of expertise in protecting people. Since 1978 the brand has established itself as a key player on the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) market by manufacturing safety shoes and workwear that is ergonomic, comfortable and stylish.

Parade protects people with a motto: “our equipment must adapt to you, and not the other way round.”

Parade is also a desire to contribute to the dynamism of its local area by injecting 40% of safety shoe soles in France in the factory in Jarzé which employs nearly 60 people. Eachproduct developed by Parade at its offices in Maine-Et-Loire subject to targeted research and lots of meetings with professionals in the field of activity in question. Thanks to this approach, Parade ensures that the product meets the precise needs and constraints of the end users.