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Create the conditions for the personal and professional fulfilment for our employee

With our Change For Good business project, we have committed to ‘reinventing a more responsible business model’ in terms of both the environment and people. We believe that caring for our employees is an essential aspect of our responsible performance.
Within the Eram Group, we strive to create the conditions for the professional and personal development of our employees, who are responsible for their own careers and the development of their skills.
  • Ensure a good balance between professional and personal lives
  • Offer career opportunities and encourage internal mobility thanks to the diversity of our professions
  • Develop employees’ skills to enable them to evolve professionally
  • Deploy a new management model that is aligned with our values
Our corporate culture

Our concrete actions


One of the major challenges of our Change For Good project is to share a new management model, aligned with the Group’s values and embodied by all managers.
Since the beginning of 2021, a comprehensive training and support programme tailored to the Group has been launched around the four dimensions of management: inspiring, organising, supporting and high expectations. A complete programme!
About 100 managers have already been trained and 800 managers are currently undergoing training!
By the end of 2022, 900 managers will have benefited from the training!


In a context where environmental and societal issues are constantly evolving, we attach great importance to our ability to adapt. And to support our employees in these changes, we encourage the development of their skills through our internal mobility scheme.

Whether it is to change core business or to take up the same position in another Group subsidiary, each employee determines their own career and we support them in the development of their potential by ensuring the best possible conditions for fulfilment, with kindness and high standards.

In 2021, 250 employees took up internal opportunities. In the long term, our objective is to reach 50% of positions filled internally!